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*****   Release Date March 2, 2020   *****

The Divine Intention For Our Human Life

by Randy Bell


Many people today are in search of a framework within which they can pursue their spiritual thinking and experience. They may have found that their childhood or traditional religious connections no longer serve their needs, or provide the answers that they seek. They may be in the midst of a personal crisis, where the lessons learned over their lifetime no longer seem to apply. Or they are at a new crossroad in their life, and are trying to determine which direction they should take.

Our spiritual life and perspective is, and should be, at the foundation of these moments. The Divine Intention For Our Human Life offers a new and fresh perspective about our spiritual thinking. This narrative explains the spiritual reason human life was created; how God has structured that life to unfold; why challenges and difficulties are a necessary part of that life; and where we thereby need to put our energies, time and thoughtful attention. With that greater understanding, we are better able to fulfill our desire to live our life in synchronicity with God and the Universe.


Randy Bell began his personal study of the spirit and spirituality after careers in accounting, music, and management consulting. In the early 2000s Bell built a sanctuary in the mountains of western North Carolina, where, as Director of Spring Creek Spirituality, he explored his own spiritual path and welcomed people of all faiths and backgrounds to the sanctuary in order to do the same. Bell has led sessions at a number of events and institutions including the Wild Goose Festival, Mt. Zion Retreat Sanctuary, and University of Mount Olive. He has attended retreats with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sharon Saltzburg, and Lama Surya Das, among others. He is a member of the North Carolina Writers Network and Spiritual Directors International, and has published fifteen books.

 ISBN: 978-09895428-6-9


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Conversations with America:
 Confronting the Divisive Challenges of Our Time

by Randy Bell



In this series of essays, author Randy Bell raises questions about what it means to be an American in the early 21st century. Covering a range of issues from government and its responsibility to its people, international relations, the economy and business, religion, discrimination, and human rights, Bell makes a case for reasoned conversation and the rejection of knee-jerk responses to complex challenges.

These essays are intended to provoke critically needed conversations between family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and politicians. The book is a call for respectful conversations that consist not just of talking, but also listening fully to what others are saying...conversations that help the continual development of each reader’s perspectives and opinions.

It is unlikely that all readers will come to the same conclusions given our different experiences and life journeys, but it does matter greatly that we work to come to a place that honors those differences, while concurrently allowing us to live peaceful and productive lives in community with each other. For it is in community that there is not only strength, but also a life greatly enriched.

 ISBN: 978-0-9895428-5-2

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