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#001:  The Divine Intention For Our Human Life                                                                    $17.00
             This narrative explains the spiritual reason human life was created; how God has
             structured that life to unfold; why challenges and difficulties are a necessary part of
             that life; and where we need to thereby put our energies, time, and thoughtful attention.
             With that greater understanding, we are better able to fulfill our desire to live our life
             in synchronicity with God and the Universe.
                  Available From:   Malaprops    Amazon    B&N    LOCAL

#101: God and Me: A Statement of Belief                                                                                  $15.00
            One person's view of human life, the directions we pursue, the guidance we receive,
            and the spirituality that surrounds us. Built on faith of and in God.
                 Available From:  Amazon   LOCAL
#103: Lessons From The Teacher Jesus                                                                                  $15.00
            A contemporary reference of the core teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as drawn from The 
            Thomas Jefferson Bible, re-presented in the language and context of today's modern life.
                 Available From:   Amazon   LOCAL

#110: Lessons From The Teacher Buddha                                                                                 $15.00
            A re-presentation of selected teachings of the Budda that focus on ethics, inter-relationships,
            and how we should look at the life made available to us.  These lessons are presented in the
            language and context of today's modern life, following the tradition of the Buddha himself
            as he spoke to the vast audiences that he encountered.
                 Available From:   Amazon   Lulu   B&N   LOCAL

#113: Lessons From The Teacher Muhammad                                                                          $15.00
            A re-presentation of selected teachings of Muhammad from the Qur'an that focus on ethics,
            inter-relationships, and how we should surrender and commit to living a life according to the
            religious teachings made available over the centuries.  These lessons are presented in 
            the language and context of today's modern life, following the tradition of Muhammad himself 
            who brought the Word of Allah in Arabic to the Arab world.
                 Available From:   Amazon   LOCAL

#116: Lessons From The Teacher Moses                                                                                    $15.00
            A re-presentation of selected teachings of God as revealed by Moses in the Torah,
            focusing on ethics, inter-relationships, and committing to living according to God's
            commandments.  This re-presentation follows in the tradition of Moses himself who brought
            the Word of God to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and thereby established for that Hebrew
            community the basis of Jewish religion and culture.
                 Available From:   Amazon   LOCAL

#120: Buddhism - An Introductory Guide                                                                                 $12.00
             A book for the non-Buddhist who has questions about Buddhism
             and how that might relate to their own spiritual thinking.
                  Available From:   Amazon   LOCAL


 #122: Starting A Personal Meditation Practice: A Beginning Guide                                       $12.00
             An introduction to the practice of formal, structured meditation.  Designed for the
             beginning meditator.  The approach avoids adherence to any specific tradition or  
             form of practice. Once a proper perspective and foundational practice for meditation
             are established, the meditator can then pursue more particular forms of meditation
             as she/he may choose.
                  Available From:   Malaprops   Amazon   Lulu   B&N   LOCAL

#123: Forms of Meditation: Methods and Practices for Contemplation and Prayer                $15.00
            The various structural components of a complete meditative practice that lead to quiet
            reflection, within which we actively pursue a greater understanding of ourselves and
            our spirituality, thereby in turn connecting with the greater world around us.
                 Available From:   Amazon   B&N   LOCAL


#145: Unpacking The Boxes Of Our Attachments: Freeing Our True Happiness Within         $ 15.00
             Illustrates everyday examples of how we unconsciously create inappropriate attachments        OR
             to people, things, ideas, and ways of acting.  How our deep clinging to these attachments     $7.00                  prevents us from achieving the true happiness that we seek.  It then describes the steps     (eBook)
             needed to reduce their hold on us, thereby leading us to the personal and spiritual freedom,
             and genuine connections, that we seek in our life.
                  Available From:   Malaprops   Amazon   Lulu   B&N   LOCAL

#150: Awareness, Insight & Mindfulness: 3 Steps On The Path To Wisdom                          $12.00
               Examines three concepts prevalent in contemporary spiritual practice today, clarifies
               the distinct meanings and purpose of each practice, and describes the working
               interrelationship among them.
  With their great power to guide us, Awareness,
               Insight, and Mindfulness help move us on the path to spiritual Wisdom.
                    Available From:   Malaprops   Amazon   Lulu   B&N   LOCAL

#175: Career Choices for Your Soul                                                                                          $15.00
             A way of thinking from a spiritual perspective as the context for career decisions.
                  Available From:   Amazon   Lulu   LOCAL

#180: Executive's Guidebook for Institutional Change                                                            $15.00
             A guidebook for executives and leaders responsible for instituting significant change.
                  Available From:   Amazon   LOCAL


#130: The Seven Virtues Of A Spiritual Life                                                                              $Free
             A description of the Seven Virtues of a spiritual life, and how these are present in a
             truly Spiritual Person: Patience, Lovingkindness, Forgiveness, Humility, Commitment,
             Trust, and Wisdom.  (12 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request)

#132: 8 Attitudes for Opening to Insight                                                                                  $Free
             Short discussion of 8 personal Attitudes we need to cultivate in order to allow moments
             of Insight to occur. (3 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request))

#133: Our Relationship With God                                                                                              $Free
             A description of the ways in which God relates to us, and we seek to relate to God.
              (10 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request)

#135: Lessons In Dying - A Memoir                                                                                          $Free
            A personal story of one person's unexpected and untimely death, and the lessons about
            death and dying learned from that experience. (7 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request)


#301: The Myths Of Our Founding Fathers And Their Constitution                                          $15.00
             This narrative helps us to understand the diversity of thought, the balancing of interests,
             and the fragility of the 118 Revolutionary and Constitutional Founders of this Republic as
             they struggled to overcome their deep divisions and divided perspectives to create a new
             whole: the United States of America.
                  Available From:   Malaprops   Amazon   Lulu   B&N   LOCAL

#305: Conversations With America: Confronting The Divisive  Challenges Of Our Time         $17.00
             This book is a collection of essays selected from over a decade of writings on the
             author's non-partisan social commentary blog. These essays are intended to help each
             reader's understanding, perspectives and conclusions about these important issues,
             thereby encouraging a new thoughtful and respectful national conversation.
                  Available From:   Malaprops   Amazon   B&N   LOCAL


#201: Comparative Spiritual Historical Timelines                                                                   $Free
           A side-by-side chart showing the worldwide historical events in the development of many of
           the world's major religions.  (23 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request)
#204: Survey of Creation Stories From Across the World                                                       $Free
            An assemblage of over 50 creation stories drawn from religions and cultures
            across the globe.  (99 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request)

#207: The 613 Commandments of the Torah as Listed by Maimonides                                  $Free
             A recompilation of the 613 Torah Commandments as extracted by the
             12th-century Spanish rabbi and scholar Moses Maimonides.
             (63 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request) 

 #210: Buddhism By The Numbers: a Reference Guide                                                             $Free
             A bullet-list summary of many of the various concepts in the Buddhist dharma (teachings),
             ordered by the numbered content of individual principles.
             (23 pgs; digital/.pdf file - Send Email Request)

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